About us

The Asia-Pacific Youth Exchange (APYE) is a program that responds to the regional need of integrating the youth sector in action-oriented SDG initiatives as partners of sustainable development. By simulating policy formulation and SDG project planning, youth delegates are able to be exposed to holistic empowerment which is necessary for the role of the youth on the SDGs. To achieve this, the APYE has three main components:

  1. Leadership Development Training
  2. Local Immersion
  3. Asia Pacific Youth Symposium

With the success of last APYEs held 2016 and January, 2017, the Urban Youth Academy, Asian Development Bank, UN Habitat and several other partners come together once again to make the program even better! The fourth APYExMNL will be held this July, 2017 with 250 participants from Asia and the Pacific. The major progress of the fourth APYE to its predecessors is that it offers a more action-oriented program which is more inclusive to the involvement of the partners in innovating SDG projects and policies meaningful for the society and sustaining it beyond APYE. For more information, please do not hesitate to check out www.apye.org and to follow our Facebook page at Asia Pacific Youth Exchange.


Leadership Development Training

Delegates go through a two-day leadership program that prepares them with the right knowledge, skills, and attitudes to co-own SDG efforts in their respective communities. This is an avenue for the #SDGen to challenge them to become better movers in the global initiative to end poverty by 2030.

Local Immersion

The immersion component exposes APYE delegates to SDG initiatives currently being implemented by the program’s country partners: the Local Government Unit of Santa Rosa, Laguna and TeaM Energy Foundation, Inc. This is a unique opportunity for delegates to understand the inner workings of SDG activities, the challenges in implementation, and how young people can aid in bridging identified gaps.

Asia-Pacific Youth Symposium

It is two-day symposium that makes delegates to meet validate solutions and seek resources to sustain them, meet the demands of the future, and planning for next plan. It is packed with expert panel discussions, developmental practitioners keynote lectures and youth breakout sessions! It also showcases the solutions formulated during the Local Immersion through SDG Festival.

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Empower 2030

EMPOWER 2030 is a platform for the Asia-Pacific youth for holistic development with the meaningful contribution to the SDGs through the APYE. This enables participants to:

  • Exhibit Leadership Development and Application through the promotion of the participant’s innate motivation that can be shown to themselves with the four elements of the platform which are conviction, competence, self-confidence and influence.
  • Create an avenue of Learning not only of knowledge for development work but also by tapping one’s soft-skills, through interactive and participative activities that motivates the youth into holistic self-development.
  • Expand one’s social circles by meeting new friends and colleagues which can give meaningful experiences not only with the APYE program but for future SDG efforts.
  • Exchange meaningful Ideas with co-delegates coming from vast social and cultural spectra and competently engage and challenge each and everyone’s ideas for its integrated evaluation.
  • Innovate sustainable solutions which involves social participation and outlets youth empowerment which ultimately contributes to the SDGs.

Our Team

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Past Delegates

“At first I was hesitating to join the program for the main reason that I do not know anyone, but my parents pushed me to take the chance. Now, I am proud to say that it positively changed my life. Through the program, I gained a lot of knowledge about how I could contribute to achieving the SDGs. It made me realize not just about my personal potential to contribute to the SDGs but also our society’s capability to achieve these said goals. The program also became a means for me to meet chage-makers that I never thought will be a huge part of my life. Thanks to APYE, I gained a lot of knowledge and long lasting memories.

Mirjana Uncanin Philippines, APYE 1 Delegate, SDG 1 Team

“Asia Pacific Youth Exchange started right after my immersion . The leadership training was cohesive to the local immersion and gave information about how to research and solve problems we may face. When we got the immersion sight, we visited different places and discussed about the topic we have chosen for solutions. Everyone was passionate for their own solutions, which inspired all of the participants. In my opinion, the biggest advantage of APYE is that the participants actually develop the idea on the topic of each sustainable development goal. This makes people feel SDGs more practical which might be redeemed more or less artificial.”

Hyeji Kim Korea, APYE 2 Delegate, SDG 5 Team

“Having two weeks experience joining APYE really gave me insight that young people are having important role in development especially those who live in developing countries. APYE was one of the most valuable chances I got so far to comprehend what are SDGs exactly, and why is it salient to young generation for taking a part in supporting any goals we could involve in. As one of the last APYE participants in Manila, I was being very grateful as experiencing many thoughtful talks, seminars, and discussions, as well as a rare opportunity to interact with local people and doing research on SDGs goals.

Nisa Yuniarti Indonesia, APYE 2 Delegate, SDG 2 Team

“APYE 2016 was a transforming experience for me. From conducting research to making presentation to pitching our idea at the ADB Headquarters at Manila, it was a roller-coaster journey, one that I will always be proud of. APYE 2016 gave me a platform to apply leadership, teamwork and research skills in the framework that we conducted in different Barangays in Santa Rosa City. The field-work was an eye-opening experience for me as it exposed me to the huge range of problems that the local people faced with respect to affordable energy, clean water and sanitation, livelihood opportunities and etc. Interaction with locals made me realizes the huge potential of the youth.

Faraz Ahmed Pakistan, APYE 1 Delegate, SDG 7 Team

Who we are?

The Urban Youth Academy (UYA), an NGO established with the aim of solving the world’s biggest challenges through supporting and empowering youth to become future leaders, in cooperation with the Asian Development Bank and UN-HABITAT, will jointly undertake the Asia-Pacific Youth Exchange rogram (APYE), which is set to launch on January 3-17, 2016 across the Philippines.

  • Improve young people’s understanding of SDGs and their roles in achieving them
  • Increase understanding and cooperation between young people across Asia and the Pacific
  • Build the capacity of youth in implementing projects and activities aligned to the SDGs